Newsletter No. 06/15 - 17/12/2015

Center for Male Reproduction
Newsletter 06/15
Dear colleagues,
We are thrilled to present our new textbook "Varicocele and Male Infertility: Current Concepts, Controversies and Consensus"


Varicocele and Male Infertility 
Current Concepts, Controversies and Consensus
Authors: Hamada, Alaa, Esteves, Sandro C., Agarwal, Ashok
About the book
This SpringerBrief analyzes varicocele from a novel approach, and provides the reader with a comprehensive view of its scientific and clinical significance. The Brief covers all the important aspects of varicocele related to infertility, from epidemiology to assisted reproduction techniques, contemplating pathophysiology, semen analysis, specialized sperm function tests, and clinical management including all available treatment options form three distinct perspectives, i.e., current  concepts, consensus and controversies... Read more

Warm regards,

Sandro Esteves, MD, PhD
Medical and Scientific Director

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