Newsletter No. 04/13 - 23/05/2013

Newsletter n°04/13 


Dear Colleagues,

Please find below our recent research and CME activities:

Book Chapter

Air Quality Control in Reproductive Laboratories 
Authors: Sandro C Esteves, Fabiola C Bento
  • Control of Particles
  • Control of Volatile Organic Compounds
  • How to Design and Implement Reproductive Laboratory Facilities with Air Quality Control?
In: A Practical Guide to Setting Up an IVF Lab, Embryo Culture Systems and Running the Unit. 
Alex C Varghese, Peter Sjoblom, K Jayaprakasan (Editors). 1st Edition, New Delhi, India, Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd., pp. 45-52, 2013. (ISBN: 978-93-5090-516-6)
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Biomarkers of Ovarian Response
Merck Serono Symposium "360 degrees in ART" 
May 3, 2013, Panama City, Panama

Abstract | Full Text | PDF | PowerPoint | Video

Future Perspectives in the ART Lab
Fertility Experts Latinamerica Meeting 1
April 11-12, 2013 ​, ​Mexico Cit​​y ​, ​Mexico ​​​

Abstract | Full Text | PDF | PowerPoint | Video


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